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about Ukulele Thai Bar & Food...


Ukulele is a small cosy Thai Bar located in Clausen, one of the older parts of Luxembourg city. Our Thai chefs serve authentic dishes from back home, bringing you as close as you get to the real thing.

Enjoy a variety of dishes and our amazing Gin tonic creation "The Thai Tonic". And don't worry, the spice will not sink you...

“I am proud of how well we take care of our guests”
— Alex

We are a small dedicated team who have recently taken over the Thai Bar & Food place that has been known for the last 3 years as Ukulele.

Having both worked in Finance and hospitality for the past decade in, and outside of Luxembourg, we were looking for a small and cosy place where our guests should feel at home and well looked after.


“I left the world of finance about 2 years ago, helped setup and run a health food delivery and catering service called "Superfoods" which my brother is running now.     

When me and Alex first started planning the Ukulele takeover, our main goal was, and still is, guest satisfaction. From the look of the place, to the services provided and of course, the food. (yes, we managed to keep the same chefs!)

At this point I am concentrating more on sourcing the best quality products, maintaining consistency on all fronts, and surprise surprise setting up a delivery service for the customers who would rather eat in.“



“I have 12 years of experience in bars and restaurants in Luxembourg, having worked in various places, I now have a very good idea of what “good service” means and how important it is to our guests.

Myself and Rob come in to work with this idea in mind every day. If you can’t be positive and proactive in this line of work you generally don’t last very long and your clients don’t stick around that long either. 

I’m proud of how well we take care of our guests.”